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Rp open to abetterlie

As far as birthday parties went the one to celebrate Harry's twenty-third birthday was the best and one of the worst that he ever had. The party itself had been amazing at the beginning. Bruce had went above and beyond Harry's expectations with the circus and amusement park theme. There were friends from all over who flew in to participate. He didn't even mind mingling with some of the board members.

Harry was happy, really happy, by the time he took the stage while Bruce was doing the birthday toast. It was supposed to be the cutting of the cake and the begin of the acrobatics show, but things didn't go as planned. Someone tapped him on the shoulder as Harry was thanking Bruce for the party and his friend for flying out to see him. When he turned to see who it was, there was a man behind one of the circus performer's masks who wished him a happy birthday before blowing powder into his face. Everything got jumbled then.

The fear and paranoia that seized Harry seemed to come on immediately. He remembered trying to fight his way through the sudden dark and somehow ending up in a house of mirrors. Natalie and Lucas found their way in, and then things went from bizarre to complete insanity. Except Harry remembers some of what happened in vivid technicolor clarity. The Ventriloquist and his dummy showed up with the machine gun and tried to force the three of them to their knees. It was the gun that made Harry snap. Already high on the fear toxins, something inside him snapped just as sure as it had the night he pulled the mask off Peter and discovered his father's secret lab. He went after the guy with the gun after telling Lucas to run with Natalie.

The details go a little hazy, but Harry remembers struggling with the gun and it firing off rounds into the mirrors and the ceiling. He remembers holding the gun on the madman after taking his dummy and mutilating it over and over again with his pocket knife. Harry remembers that for a little while it was Harry who was the madman with the gun. He even remembers pointing the gun at Bruce for a moment before it kicked in that Bruce was his friend and not the enemy. Bruce got him out of the fun house and to a police car. Shortly after being placed in the car he was joined by Mary Jane so that Peter could change into his Spider-man suit and try to help the various superheroes and cops on hand to round up all the escaped Arkham Asylum inmates. Mary Jane and Harry had a freak out about Doctor Octavius and Norman in the Goblin suit before the ambulance arrived to take them to the hospital. There they were sedated and given the antidote to make the effects of the toxin disappear.

Luckily anyone who was at the party yet had been in Gotham for The Scarecrow's original reign of terror were unaffected by the drugs this time. They'd already received the antidote. It was the people from out of town who had to be treated this time. Gotham hospital was soon full of people sleeping off the effects. By the time Harry woke up to find Connor in his room trying to sleep, he felt better, yet kind of drained. They got checked out pretty easily, and Harry left a brief message on Bruce's voicemail to tell him he was heading home and was fine. Peter, Mary Jane, and Natalie all came back to the house with him. Harry left a voicemail for Kara and Lex to check in and see if they were okay. Aunt May had already been caught up to speed by Peter over what happened and had remained at the house with Evan, safe from the criminals who were terrorizing the city of Gotham. In the papers it was revealed that most of the inmates had been returned to the asylum thanks to Batman, Spider-man and a few other masked individuals as well as concerned citizens and local police officers. The Scarecrow had been personally delivered back to his cell by Batman. They managed to find the Ventriloquist still sitting in the fun house sobbing over his beloved and now decapitated Mr. Scarface. Harry tossed the dummy's head into the trash shortly after returning to the house.

The few remaining inmates would soon be returned to their cells as Batman wasn't going to rest until the city was safe again. Of course Bruce was busy with damage control thanks to what happened to the guests as well as the orphans who attended the party. Harry wasn't going to bother him. He'd be in touch when he could. Phillip flew Natalie, Evan, Mary Jane, Aunt May and Peter back to New York. Peter would have stayed to help the rest of the clean up, but there was a major criminal terrorizing Manhattan, an old foe of Spider-man's, and really Batman would be able to handle it. After everyone was gone, Harry received the news that he wouldn't have to report to classes. They were canceled until Wednesday with the hopes that Batman and the cops would have all the remaining inmates returned at that time. With the free time, Harry was going to be able to spend his birthday at the house with just Connor and the dogs.

Flopping down on the couch, he checked his phone to see if anyone had checked in, before placing it on the table beside him. Connor was out with the dogs, but he would return soon enough. Harry Osborn was twenty-three years old now and he wondered how old he would be before he managed to have a boring birthday.


Mar. 26th, 2007 02:51 pm (UTC)
"I saw my father siring Kara before I snapped out of it," Connor replies, gets up and flops down on the couch next to Harry, the motion disguising how much that memory still disturbs him, "so I figured I really should. Don't know how effective it will be because, well, you know, but if that other stuff worked on me, the antidote should as well, right?"

He's silent for a moment, then adds: "I nearly staked Kara. She's okay now, but -"

She could be dead, if Cordelia hadn't screamed at the right moment.

" - I hurt her." Again, obviously. He doesn't mention the baby revelation, as Kara made him promise not to tell anyone.
Mar. 26th, 2007 02:56 pm (UTC)
Harry gives Connor a weird look. It's somewhere between disbelief and shock because he doesn't get it. He doesn't get the impulse to stake Kara if she has just been sired in his hallucination.

"He'd just sired her?" He asks, clarifying that is what Connor said. Once he gets the nod of the head, he sits up and is quiet for a moment. Finally he asks, "Why would you stake her if she had just been sired? You know there is a way to put a soul into her. She wouldn't have had anything on her conscious if she had just been turned."

And maybe his way of thinking differs from someone raised the way Connor was, but it still doesn't make sense to him. If all vampires are evil or need to be put out of their misery then why hasn't he staked Angel with his soul? He seems to remember there being vampire friends of Kara's, one who was from the same line, and Connor's hadn't staked her either. Harry's confused.

"You hurt her? How did you hurt her?"
Mar. 26th, 2007 03:12 pm (UTC)
Putting a soul into Kara is not something that had occured to Connor. In his defense, fear gas is not conductive to logic. However, thinking about it, he has to admit that if he had not been under the influence and what he had seen had been real, it still would not have occured to him. For a multitude of reasons, some of which are self evident to him, some of which he knows but is uneasy about, and some of which he's not conscious of. For now, he just looks at Harry.

"When I thought you were turned," he says, slowly, either because he can't believe Harry has forgotten or because it's not easy to face in either case, "that night on Halloween, I tried to stake you."

He only stopped when the Dracula spell broke and it was apparant Harry was still human. It was also the night he finally figured out he was in love with Harry Osborn. Guess what he told Kara right before striking? That he loved her. If you love someone, you do not let the demon take them. It's the first lesson of the school of Daniel Holtz.

(Of course, there are a lot of other reasons in the Kara case as well.)

"She blocked me with her arm, so the stake went in and caused a flesh wound. That made me realize, because she was bleeding. That she was still human, that it couldn't be true."
Mar. 26th, 2007 03:20 pm (UTC)
"I'm not your sister, and to be fair you and I were still having issues then." He should probably let it go. After all he decapitated a dummy and held a gun on his mentor, but it's still weird to him that Connor would go for the killing strike right away.

"You didn't kill her friend Harmony or that Drusilla person that is family. They didn't have souls right?"

He's confused as to what the line is here. What pushes Connor to decide someone needs to be staked and someone else gets to carry on? If he were turned now would he stake him without trying to save him first? Would Harry want him too? It's hard to tell.

"She's okay though?" Harry asks, and he knows she has to be physically okay because she's a slayer and she heals fast. Emotionally? She has to be pretty freaked out that Connor was willing to take her out that fast. "So, what makes you decide if someone is worth saving and someone is worth staking? Once a person is turned, even if they haven't fed, they are damned to hell right?" He's still learning this stuff despite having lived with Connor for as long as he has. "Staking Kara or me immediately after we were turned, without trying to put a soul into us first, is that really...is hell better than being a vampire with a soul?" He's so confused, and he doesn't want to make it worse on Connor. After all the fear toxins did make things horrible and realistic for everyone while playing on the worst fears. "Or do you still have some serious issues with Kara like you did with me back on that Halloween?"
Mar. 26th, 2007 03:44 pm (UTC)
"I should have staked Drusilla," Connor says, because that is easiest to talk about first. "I should have. Faith and I tried to after she left a dead child as a Christmas gift at Angel's and Darla's doorstep, but she had left town by then. That's what happens when you don't -"

When you're soft. When you're sentimental. When you look at Drusilla and hear her talk about Daddy and know she's the only other person who gets it, because Kara doesn't, she sees only Angel, and it's better if she never sees the other side, when you hear Drusilla talk about her dead family and you feel that one strange kiss she gave you before you passed out, that time she saved you. Family.

He thinks about his dreams again. Killing Kara, night after night after night. And about what Angelus said in his hallucination.

"I - I never even thought about giving her a soul." Now he's talking about Kara, not Drusilla. "Or you, that night. I have no idea how it could be done anyway, I mean, the gypsies who did it to Angel are dead, and god knows how that Spike guy got his, nobody ever told me, but it's not something that -"

He did not even think about it in the Griffin days, when he was desperate enough to want Harry to be sired, anything, just as long as he didn't die. In that scenario, he would have gone with a soulless Harry.

"No, they're not dammed to hell," he says abruptly and his voice changes subtly while he continues, sounding more and more like Stephen had done when first coming from Quortoth. "If you stake them immediately after they are turned. If they haven't fed yet. They're in heaven, and they're waiting, and that's what you for people you love. What he did. He sat with her all through the night, and in the morning, he put her out in daylight and watched her burn, did I ever tell you that? My other sister. Sarah. His daughter. They didn't turn his son, his son was a baby, but they did take his daughter. I guess that makes her my sister twice over, since they sired her. Anyway. I promised him. And when he died, when he died, I kissed him and I cut off his head, because I promised. Not ever. Kill them at once. They're not dammed to hell that way."

But Connor is, both for the things he has done, which includes murder, and for having been willing to let Harry become a vampire rather than to lose him that other time. It had been Harry who had been strong there.

And as hard and difficult as it is for him to speak of this, he's still shying away from another side of the issue.

"Kara said she wouldn't have staked me," Connor says, and it's his present day self that speaks, though no less disturbed and confused. "She thinks I'm having issues with her, too."
Mar. 26th, 2007 03:51 pm (UTC)
Harry is tempted to debate Connor's theory about hell and damnation. If they have a demon inside them? Harry is pretty sure they go to hell. It doesn't matter if they kill someone. They fed from their sire to be turned didn't they? That is how they become the demon.

But the changes in Connor's tone and the way he speaks makes Harry believe he shouldn't bring that up now. Instead, he listens and processes, and seriously thinks about trying to find Connor a shrink that understands these kinds of problems. Do they have shrinks for supernatural issues? Maybe he should ask Eve. He needs to call her to thank her for the amazing gift she had sent to him. He's dying to try that car out, but he'll wait until he leaves to visit Lex for dinner.

Kara believes Connor has issues with her? Yeah, well he can't blame here there. They both have major issues with each other. He won't even get into the whacked out issues his in-laws have with their brand of 'justice.'

"I think you believe that you were trying to save her, but the fact that you even hallucinated that she was turned into a monster? That makes me think you've decided that her involvement in your family with your parents is changing her into how you see yourself." Oh the analyzing skills of a college student taking psychology skills. "It's just a guess, but were you maybe jealous he turned her and didn't come after you first? That staking her meant she wouldn't get to spend an eternity with him?" Angel turned Kara and it always seems to come back to Angel, with a soul or without, to Connor. Oh those father issues are fun.
Mar. 26th, 2007 04:19 pm (UTC)
Of course it all comes back to Angel. With any other person, including Cordelia, Connor would have ended the conversation at this point, and would either have started an argument as a distraction or would have just shut down and left. But not with Harry.

"He said that," Connor says, not looking at Harry. "That I was jealous. And she said it, too. That I was jealous that she was now more his daughter than I would ever be his son."

Here's an irony: the last time Connor openly admitted to himself he was jealous was the night when he first met Harry. Back then, he had no reason to feel guilty about Kara, and so he could admit being annoyed by what he saw as her self-righteous know it all ness, the way she told him how to treat his parents, and jealous of the fact she lived with the parents he found himself emotionally unable to live with. But ever since feeling guilty, he tells himself he has no right to hold anything against Kara, because she is the wronged party and because he failed her, and so he represses any resentment as hard as he can.

The guilt, of course, is another reason for that vision.

"After you told me she tried to kill herself," Connor says, and now he is looking at Harry, "after you told me that, I kept having the same dream. For weeks. I dreamt I offered to do it for her, and she said yes, and I killed her. And we were both at peace. I thought I dreamt that because I'm ultimately the one who started it, because it was my fault she tried that, more than it was Lex. But-"

Connor took psychology classes, too, you know.

"But maybe that's not it at all. Or just half of it. Because I really wanted to, in the dream."

He laughs, but there is no humor in it. "It's easy, dying for someone, you know. I'd die for Kara in a heartbeat. She probably doesn't believe that, but I would, and not just because I owe her. Killing someone you love, I used to think that was worst, and maybe it is, but it's not the most difficult thing. Want to know what the most difficult thing is, Harry? Living with someone. No. Letting someone live with someone else. Because if Drusilla sired her, okay, I'd try to stake her too, but not at once, and maybe I would think of Spike first and trying to find out from him how he got a soul. Maybe I'd try to lock her up and figure something out so she can't harm anyone but won't have to die. But if he sires her, if he ever does that? I'd stake her."

His eyes are at their darkest now. "I'd do it even now. If it happened. I would."
Mar. 26th, 2007 04:27 pm (UTC)
"Connor," Harry says, and he's kind of quiet when he says it because there is this thought that hits him that he can't shake. It's something he has experienced before, but on the other side of the glass. Back when he was watching someone else be more of his father's son than Harry could ever be.

He pauses before saying anything beyond Connor's name because well he isn't sure this is what he should say. They have the tough talks though and if he doesn't ask it will plague him until he does.

He thinks about seeing Peter and Norman and what he did to even the score. Of course he came to care for her, love her even, but the initial flirtation? The initial attraction? It wasn't about Mary Jane at all. It was all about his "brother" Peter, and their shared father, Norman.

"When you and I first started talking, when the flirting went just a little further past what was acceptable, but not really into the actual danger zone yet...was that because Kara lived with your dad and you felt like she had something that belonged to you so...why not flirt back with someone who belonged to her?"
Mar. 26th, 2007 05:09 pm (UTC)
An an old memory fragment comes back to him, something from the time when it was Kara, not Lex Luthor, who was possessed by a doll.

"I don't like people touching my things."

"I remember. But I promise I won't kiss this one."

His first instinct is to reply right away with "No". Harry said once before, in the Dracula night, as it happened, that he felt Kara and Connor were just interested because the respective other was, and Connor, who had just figured out he was in love with Harry and had been told the preceeding events never happened, had replied by saying Harry was an idiot. But he's in a different state now, and it's more than a year down the road. So he asks himself the same question. Did he think that? In those late summer weeks, between rock climbing, demon hunting and the visit in New York, did he think that, at any point? Did he? Was that the reason?

It's hard to think of that time and block out all the other events going on - the countdown of what he believed would be the erasure of memories for his other family, the tense and increasingly fraught relationship with Justine - and to focus just on what he thought and felt in regards to Harry Osborn and Kara, in those few weeks, but he tries. Being raised by a 18th century Catholic means you know the ritual of ruthless self examination.

"When you and I first started talking," he says at last, "I wasn't aware it was flirting. I know it sounds like such a lame excuse, and I wouldn't say it to anyone else. But I really didn't know. Not just because you're a guy, and I thought I was straight. Because I never flirted with anyone before, that's not how it had gone with Cordy and Justine. And I had lost contact with my friends from college, plus I had to lie to them all the time since getting my memories back, and here you were. Someone to be friends with and honest with at the same time, so. No. That wasn't why. It was fun, talking to you, and liberating and sort of addictive, and I had never had such a experience before. But."

He takes a breath, and out it comes, the part which is also true, just as the previous statement is, the part which he hadn't faced before Harry just now asked him to.

"When I went to New York with you. Of course it was to help you with your father, but I also wanted to spend time with you. And I knew Kara wanted you to spend time with her that same weekend. I could have said, hey, let's wait with the exorcism and the ecstasy trying out, what's one more week? That was when I thought, no, I won't say that. No, I'll go to New York. That same weekend. She'll get over it, she has Angel and Darla to distract her, doesn't she?"

And then the club visit happened, and the kiss happened, and he did get a clue. But not having been clueless regarding the sexual attraction before does not negate the petty tit for tat feeling when it came to this particular weekend before he realized just where it was heading.
Mar. 26th, 2007 05:20 pm (UTC)
He knew he had been flirting because it was what he did. Harry Osborn flirts with people. Even now, even wearing a ring and having no desire to be with anyone else, he flirts. It's part of his personality. It's supposed to be harmless. It's not always harmless.

Connor is being honest though so that is enough to keep him from getting angry about realizing he had been right about some things. Because deep down, he did feel like the favorite toy that two children were fighting over, and he had liked it to a degree. But he fell for both of them, and things happened the way they happened.

Of course he isn't going to bring up that had he met Kara the first time when she was older it may have been different. They have both aged a lot in the last two years. Harry isn't the same 21 year old addict he was when he met the pretty girl online, and Kara isn't the 16 year old that lied about her age and took a chance on a guy too old for her.

"Sounds like sibling rivalry amplified. I'm not a shrink though. I do think you both need to figure out where you really stand with each other. It's easy to say we're siblings, but if you are to the point you can't look at each other without thinking 'he stole my boyfriend' and 'she stole my dad' then I don't think that really makes you family. It kind of makes you enemies." Not that family can't be enemies. He's just worried that they both are going to keep tripping over each other until they can't keep things buried deep anymore.

"I kind of had a mental breakdown after having a machine gun pulled on Natalie, Lucas and me by some psycho ventriloquist and his dummy, Mr. Scarface."

That's a subject changer, but hey might as well make Connor feel better that he isn't the only one who has a psychotic episode during the party.
Mar. 26th, 2007 05:47 pm (UTC)
Connor, who even back then had back then assumed Harry would pick Kara throughout, right until Harry broke up with Kara in Greece, actually has no doubt things would be different now. What's more, given what Kara told him, it's hard not wonder about certain things. Because he had thought, more than once, that if Natalie had been Kara, Harry would have proposed to her at once upon learning about Evan, and Connor would not have been able to stand in the way because he might be selfish, but not that selfish.

He pushes the thought away. There'll be enough time to think about that later, when he's feeling less raw from exposing some of the past and not so past ugliness within. "Training" sessions with Angel-in-Angelus-vein aside (and isn't that, too, among other things a bizarre kind of trying to compete, because Angel would never be able to show that face to Kara? Show me your true face; was that really about getting in shape for Chilton, or wasn't also something along the lines of "she might be able to get the best of you, but I can make you show me the worst"? And yet he had told Angel he believed in the hero in him, and meant it, meant it completely, because he does believe Angel can be someone who changes the world from what it is to what it ought to be), those training sessions aside he would never be able to expose so much of himself to anyone. But Harry has seen the worst of him and hasn't walked away, or tried to pretend it didn't exist, or tried to rewrite it into something else.

Then Harry confesses to his own episode, and Connor accepts the subject change gratefully, because he really doesn't have a solution to his relationship with Kara. Knowing that he boths loves her and resents her, that she makes him feel incredibly guilty and jealous and at other times filled with the fierce need to protect her isn't a guideline on how to improve said relationship.

"A machine gun? Is Natalie alright?" he asks, concerned. (Not that he has anything against Lucas, it's just that he hardly knows the guy, hence the question about Natalie only.) He can see that Harry didn't get shot, of course, but otherwise... No prizes for guessing that gas must have put him through hell, too.

"What did you see?"

He remembers the Griffin intermezzo all too well.
Mar. 26th, 2007 06:04 pm (UTC)
"Yeah, she's fine. I snapped and was flashing back to the bank again. I really hate guns." He shrugs and the look on Connor's face says that really isn't an explanation. So Harry continues. "I told the psycho he didn't need all three of us. He'd told us to get on our knees on the ground, and you know how that goes. If you assume the execution position changes are you will executed."

Natalie hadn't really talked to him about what happened. Maybe she was just grateful that he had helped to get her out of there. Or maybe she was freaked out that he didn't try to run too. At least she didn't see the complete break.

"He had the dummy on one hand and the gun in the other and I snapped. I fucking hate guns so much. I told Lucas to take Natalie and run and I lunged at the psycho. Gun went off, I managed to get it and the dummy and it turned out the dummy called the shots. The guy was so crazy he couldn't terrorize me without his precious Mr. Scarface. I held the gun on him with one hand and just lost it on that puppet with the the knife I had in my other." Harry laughs and looks over at Connor for a moment. "I slayed a fucking puppet, Connor. It was crazy."

He didn't actually think of Griffin while he was going through his bad fear toxin mind trip. There is only one Goblin in Harry Osborn's mind and that is Daddy. But the desire, no the determination, to not be a victim again, well Griffin played his role in that.

"I saw my dad before that. On the stage when the drugs first hit me, I freaked out with the masks and saw my dad. Started screaming about Spider-man. Someone...I think maybe it was Bruce, but someone convinced me to run so I did and I ended up in that fun house. Thought Spider-man and the Goblin were coming to get me, and it turned out to be Lucas and Natalie instead. Then we got to deal with the psycho, his gun, and his domineering puppet." He pauses and thinks about everything that happened. How far gone he was and how close he was to unloading that gun straight into the guy who took him hostage. "Bruce showed up and I was so out of it. Just terrorizing that puppet and The Ventriloquist and I heard Bruce, but it didn't completely register. Maybe it did. I don't know. But I turned the gun on him. I pointed a fucking gun at Bruce. I had this moment, after he talked me down and got the gun back and I got the antidote and stuff, I had this moment of wondering if maybe I wasn't one of the people they should be returning to the asylum."

Harry leans back against the couch and looks up at the ceiling for a moment. He's not counting any tiles like he had in the hospital or even trying to avoid Connor. He's just replaying the events. "I snap so easily and completely under stress that it doesn't even shock me anymore."
Mar. 26th, 2007 06:34 pm (UTC)
It's a good thing Natalie is around, or Evan would be stuck with two wonders of mental stability. Though they're improving. Really.

What Connor actually thinks, hearing this, is first how easily Harry could have died, second that he didn't, that Harry rescued himself, and third that Bruce rescued him from killing a psycho. "Dear Bruce Wayne: thanks for being there for Harry" letters are probably pointless and would be replied by polite versions of "Dear Connor: I didn't do it for you."

"Sounds to me," says Connor, and means it, because he's really not on insincere compliment terms with Harry, "like snapping isn't all you do under stress. Sounds to me like you're getting pretty good at rescuing yourself under stress, too. Like in Arkansas."

Now he smiles, because it is so crazy that it's funny, too, and besides, they're both the kings of moodswings.

"So, did the puppet get any zingers in before you slayed it? Because Cordy told me they can be pretty lethal. If they work for Smile Time at least."
Mar. 26th, 2007 06:42 pm (UTC)
"Yeah, I think I am, but I guess I worry that the lines for survival get blurred. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to be the one left standing."

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but he never would have been able to live with himself if he had actually shot Bruce. He isn't sure he wants to think too hard about if he would have been okay with killing the Ventriloquist. He had a feeling he would have been.

"No. I put him on a timeout and decapitated him. Tossed the head in the trash once we got back from the hospital. Oh and I have something for you." It's a rapid subject change, but that is Harry Osborn for you.

He had ordered it before the party, and now he's glad he did because well the look on Connor's face will be priceless. "I felt bad asking you to wear a tux to the party so..." he is off the couch and headed to their bedroom to grab the box that has two pairs of jeans wrapped with a simple bow. He left the price tag on one of the pairs just because it will add to the expression on Connor's face. "Consider it a peace offering." That smile he gives Connor is dangerous, sinister, and obviously devious. Connor isn't all that comfortable opening gifts that are obviously clothing bought by Harry anyway. Maybe he'll consider this proof that Harry really is as twisted as the people they came up against at the party.
Mar. 26th, 2007 07:04 pm (UTC)
Harry would have made such a good supervillain, Connor decides as he unwraps two jeans with holes in them, his face the picture of disbelief. And a price tag saying...

"Harry Osborn," Connor says, stunned, "you paid $495.00 for jeans that have holes in them? And - and - Christ, just tell me the money goes to the Wildlfife Fund or something."

This reaction apparantly causes Harry to have the time of his life. Mind you, jeans like that are sure to be more comfortable than a tux, so no complaints there, but still, thinks Connor, it's the principle of the thing. So, in the interest of further amusement, Connor says, ever so casually:

"So, since there are two of them. Does that mean one's for you when we visit New York next time?"

Mar. 26th, 2007 07:08 pm (UTC)
Harry is cracking up. It's not that often that Connor breaks out the first and last name. He's waiting for the day he actually gets 'Harold' pulled out. Though Bruce and Lex do that sometimes and it drives him crazy.

"I'll wear those with no problem. They're the new trend. Don't you like them?" He's serious too. Harry hates his clothes being ripped, unless the designer is the one who intended for them to be ripped. It's a thing that only fashion divas understand.

As for the Wildlife Fund? He'll be happy to make a healthy donation. It was worth it to get that reaction out of Connor.
Mar. 26th, 2007 07:26 pm (UTC)
As the tux Connor was made to wear got ripped a lot trying to rescue children and assassinate sisters at the party, and Harry didn't look happy with it, this is puzzling indeed. Ah, well. At least the jeans look like you can run and fight with them if you have to, and comfortable otherwise.

"I should have given you that movie about demon designers on DVD as a birthday present," Connor mutters. He means The Devil Wears Prada, which he thinks sounds plausible enough. (Of course, he hasn't seen it.) He looks at Harry, then again at the jeans. And then he recalls Harry's reaction to a certain someone. It was subtle, but in retrospect, hm. And it's not like Harry isn't asking for being teased back right now.

"You know," he says, "thinking about it. They look almost as cool as those Kara's friend from New York was wearing."
Mar. 26th, 2007 07:31 pm (UTC)
"Peter Petrelli does not have better taste in fashion than me," Harry says, not laughing anymore, and possibly just a little irritated to have Peter brought up.

"I'm on the fence about his hair, but I know for a fact he doesn't dress better than me. And he's older too so he'll probably lose some of that hair anyway."

Harry stands up and whistles for the dogs who come running toward him. It's a beautiful day and he's got the day off so they might as well take the dogs out back. "If you ever imply he dresses better than me again you'll come home to finding all of your jeans and t-shirts have been replaced with new designer clothes and I'll leave the receipts on your bed." He smiles a smile that says he's not kidding before turning to walk toward the back door.

"Can you grab the dogs toys on your way out?" He asks before opening the door and letting the dogs out. Really, if he wanted to give Harry a complex he should have went for the hair.
Mar. 26th, 2007 07:46 pm (UTC)
That is a dire threat, which Connor does take seriously, and there shall be no more fashion slanders. On the other hand, that rant about hair has to be followed up with one last line before they go enjoying the freedom of just walking and hanging out. Hallucination free.

"He defintely won't lose it if he takes after his older brother," Connor says innocently. "If the brother is the guy from the campaign advertisments they're forwarding you from New York. I mean, he looks like he's forty, and he's got as much as you. Maybe it's something in the New York air."

He picks up the dog toys as bidden. Automatically, he packs a stake as well, despite the daylight, then pauses and puts it away again. Not today.

Instead, he adds a water bottle on his way out, following Harry into the light. They'll probably get thirsty if they take a long walk, and they will. It's a beautiful day.


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